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Microneedling is one of the hottest treatments available for improving the look and feel of your skin. At Smart SKIN Rx in Chicago, Illinois, in The Loop, Crystal Vasquez, DNP, MS, MBA, RN, and her team of qualified technicians provide this minimally invasive treatment to revolutionize your skin. Call the office or book online to learn more about this stimulating, radiating therapy that offers so many benefits for your appearance.

Microneedling Q & A

What is microneedling?

Microneedling uses a device equipped with dozens of fine needles that puncture the top layer of your skin. The pricks are microscopic but induce your body’s natural wound-healing response. This causes your body to ramp up the production of collagen and elastin — natural compounds that provide your skin with strength and elasticity — and increase cell turnover to revitalize the look of your skin.

Crystal adjusts the depth and size of the needles according to your skin type and goals. The length of the needles depends on the depth of any scars or skin imperfections you’re having treated.

Microneedling works much in the same way as a laser treatment, but your skin is activated with the mechanics of the needle rather than with heat or light, which can be damaging to those with sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

Microneedling effectively improves your skin’s health, radiance, and strength naturally by:

  • Reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizing the look of mild to moderate scarring
  • Improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Shrinking enlarged, visible pores

Crystal might recommend skin care products following your microneedling session because the tiny channels created with microneedling also enhance the delivery of serums and creams. Serums and creams can better penetrate the surface of your skin following a microneedling session.

Who is a candidate for microneedling?

Anyone bothered by the signs of aging, acne scars, or sun damage can benefit from microneedling. It’s effective on all skin types, unlike lasers, which may not penetrate darker skin tones. If you want a notable change to the appearance of your skin without invasive surgery or the cost of lasers, microneedling might be the perfect treatment for you.

Does microneedling hurt?

Microneedling is well tolerated by most men and women. You might feel a slight pricking or pinching sensation as the device rolls over your face. Areas where your skin is thinner, such as your forehead and chin, are sometimes slightly more sensitive.

Crystal or your technician applies a light numbing cream prior to treatment, if you desire, to minimize discomfort.

How many sessions of microneedling will I need?

A series of microneedling sessions offers the best results. Crystal might recommend sessions every 4-6 weeks, depending on your specific needs.

Commit to at least three treatments to get the results you’re after, and up to six for significant improvement. You can notice a change after the first treatment, which only gets better with subsequent ones.

To learn more about how microneedling can enhance your skin’s texture and look, call Smart SKIN Rx or book an appointment online.